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Operational in one day!

PaardWagen-ElSnelwegMany organizations still use outdated software in the internet age. It looks as this picture, taken on the highway in Romania.

Fast Close Manager is Financial Closing Software and therefore the ultimate tool for your financial closing process. The software manages almost all finance processes and enables the document management for all finance documents. It also monitors the progress in the Financial Closing processes, the budget, the forecasts and all PBC documents. Financial closing has never been so quick and easy as with Fast Close manager.

Fast Close is the method to present within 5 days or less the financial reporting to all shareholders. Quicker, faster and better than before.

Easy and optimal process management

Fast Close Manager® structures the data and is inclusive document management and process management for any Finance department. Adding controls for a new organization is as easy as adding a company in your consolidation software. SOx, IFRS and Gaap compliant. Installed within hours.

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Faster information by quicker reporting

  • Quicker reporting can save 65k per annum
  • IFRS, SOx, ISO etc support
  • Risk management
  • Documented and transparent
  • Supports Tax Control Framework
  • Own library to share with auditors
  • Quick deployment of new entity incl. ontrols
  • Repository with almost all generic tasks for holding, production, sales, service, etc.
  • Every organization has own and group controls

Contents per  reporting entity

  • Balance files are set up logical per period, documenttype, category and IFRS
  • Every co worker has its own high risk tasks with due dates
  • Open risks are presented straight forward
  • Standard Metadata structure installed via the term store
  • Copy and move documents from period to period within  SharePoint without using Explorer
  • Supports 13 reporting periods +1
  • Supports internal & external reporting, budgets and forecasts
  • Standard version control per document
  • Progress monitoring

Contents and features for a holding website (Shared Service center)

  • Aggregation of open tasks per entity, per person on due date
  • Links to entities with permissions.
  • Complete Balance files with all documents
  • All shared documents with auditors and stakeholders
  • Announcements
  • Available links with our digital accounting manual
  • Reporting timetable
  • Events

Standard features

CFO Dashboard & MY Dashboard
Risk management tool
SOx, IAS – IFRS etc. supported
Available for any type of organization
Extended Governance structure
Scalable solution
Available in Dutch and English
Audit trail on documents and tasks
Appealing customers
Office365-SharePoint security
Segregation of duties
Document management & process management
Financial metadata
Versioncontrol- track and trace
Electronic Balance files
Copy complete or partial balance files to another period
Copy documents to internal and/or external auditor or stakeholders
Copy documents from balance files to forecast / budget
Share documents with internal and/or external auditor or stakeholders
Finding without searching
Many templates
Large master data  repository with standard tasks for closing, budget, forecast processes
Standard PBC & external reporting processes
Easy scalable and adjustable
Easy Process start
Monitor progress
Displays variances form std lead times
Displays personal task per priority/risk level per due date
Easy rerouting of tasks
Intuitive interface
 Platform & installation
 Office 365/ SharePoint 2013
Office 365 security
Termstore with all finance terms
Installation in 30 minutes
Easy to configure

Technical information

  • Available on Office365 /  SharePoint  online
  • Benefits from Sharepoint 2013 online or hosted SP 2013:
  • Secured with certificates ISAE 3402 en ISO 27001 from Microsoft
  • Quick and easy install
  • Predefined secuity groups, security trimmed information
  • Email is redundant
  • Configurable portal
  • Eenvoudig van generic naar custom takenlijsten

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Screendumps from Fast Close manager

On this slide share you can see some screens of  Fast Close Manager to give you some impressions of the functionality.

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